Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bookish - Be A Unicorn

Hey Stardusts,

When I saw the title Be A Unicorn by Sarah Ford I was keen to read it. I have a unicorn lover of my own and they seem to be 'on trend' ;-) these days.

Be A Unicorn: & live life on the bright side is a cute little (small) coffee table type book. Each page features Unicorn sharing wisdom and with an accompanying illustration.

Wisdom ranges from the heart warming and embracing - Unicorn found unlikely friendships could bring great joy

to the silly - He hadn't washed for days but Unicorn still smelled of roses.

The illustrations are simple and sweet too.

A perfect gift for a friend who's having a tough time or a unicorn lover or someone who likes colour and positive thinking.

Details - Hachette NZ, June 2017 RRP $14.99

love you more than a heart-warming casserole xxx

Monday, August 21, 2017

Making - McCalls M7286

Hiya friends,

The other day a friend came over for the evening once our littles were in bed and we sewed. I recently bought this fabric (yeah, I kind of fell off the 'buy no new fabric' this year) and wanted to make a simple top.

I had purchased the M7286 pattern a while ago with the thoughts of extending it into a t-shirt style dress. I didn't have quite enough fabric for the raglan sleeve as well so I used some op-shop navy from my stash and I love the finish.

I'm so into this fabric  and this top is so comfy and easy to wear - yay!

I made the straight size medium and just sewed it up my own way except for the neckline where I followed their instructions. I love the neckline - it sits nice and flat and I think it looks great. :-)

I will be making some more of these tops - I had to cut the paper pattern out and the top was still started and finished between 8-10pm and next time it will be faster because the pattern cutting out is always a time sucker.

yay! What yay is there in your world at the moment? Do tell ...

love you more than whales xxx

Friday, August 18, 2017

100 Days Challenge 41-50

Sup Peeps,

So I'm continuing on with the 100 days challenge. Getting closer to the end with every stitch.

What's the longest project you've ever worked on?

love you more than a consistent commitment xxx

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bookish - Together

Heya Lovelies,

I've just finished reading Together by Julie Cohen.

It's the first time I've read one of her books and I was really impressed. The whole novel works backwards from the present (2016) to 1962. The story is a love story but it's a mystery.

Why would Robbie leave Emily a note and walk out of her life forever after being her waking and sleeping moments for so many years?
What kind of love would cause a person to do that?
What could motivate such a drastic thing after so many blissful years?
How could a love that has stood the test of time and produced so much beauty be a lie?

I read this book really fast which is always a sign of an enjoyable read in my books. As soon as I finished it I wanted to begin it again and read the book backwards. Although promise you won't skip to the end this is a story to be read just the way it is written.

The book deals with some really difficult topics but does so in way that is delicate and meaningful.

The book is a story most of all but it also poses some big questions about connection and how much we are the product of secrets and our convictions.

So enjoyable. I look forward to reading other titles by Cohen.

Details - Hachette NZ, July 2017 RRP $34.99

love you more than the crackle of the fire xxx

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Making - Birthday Skirts

Happy Days friends,

We have had a few little people birthdays recently and I was out shopping with one mama when we spied some fabric she thought her wee girl would like.

I bought half a metre and whipped up this skirt on the morning of the party - I quite like it.

Do you make birthday gifts? It seems to get harder as the years go by to think of handmade things the older ones would like... maybe that's just me though?

love you more than fluro pink + linen xxx

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bookish - a couple of recent purchases

Heya friends,

This book fell into my hands at the Art Gallery bookshop recently. The next book happened to be my selection from a voucher for Scorpio that I received for mother's day. Despite the fact that I get sent so many wonderful books to review it doesn't stop me from still purchasing them. I also love to support my local bookshops as much as I can. (Sometimes I do buy online).

Most often when I am 'just browsing' I end up falling in love with a picture book. I have zero shame in buying these books for myself, although of course I share them with children - mine especially! I absolutely love beautiful picture books - I love the messages, the simplicity of language that often coveys a huge complexity of thought.

Picture books, really good ones, are some of the cleverest, most thought provoking, cherished books I own.

A River by Marc Martin

I saw this book at the art gallery bookshop and I couldn't go past it. I adore, adore the colours and the style of illustration. I love the map like qualities/birds eye views of many of the illustrations. There is such a lot of beauty in every page. I'd love some of the pages on the wall at home as art.

Bought at the Art Gallery Shop Christchurch NZ $17.99

The Lion and the Bird by Marianne Dubuc

The text in this book is so paired back and the illustrations beautifully capture the changing of seasons and the sweet relationship between the bird and lion. There are often pages with no text at all. It's a thick book and it is gentle and enchanting at the same time. Love!

Bought at Scorpio Books Christchurch NZ $24.99

Being a teacher makes it easier for me to justify these purchases but I also do wholeheartedly believe in the power of books, in the supporting of local shops and the enjoying of beautiful things.

love you more than the smell of a new book xxx

Monday, August 14, 2017

Bookish - Trip of a Lifetime

Hiya friends,

Recently I've been loving trying to watch the screen less and curl up by the fire with a book in the evenings. It sounds so luxurious but it's so easy to neglect.

I've just finished reading The Trip of a Lifetime by Monica McInerney. It's a perfect book for evening reading it isn't a demanding read but it's got enough mystery to keep you turning the pages and reading just.one.more chapter.

The action centres around Lola Quinlan who suddenly decides she is going to head back to Ireland after leaving 65 years ago. Accompanying her are Bett her daughter and Ellen her granddaughter. They all approach the trip with a very different sense of what it will bring and be about. As the trip unfolds Lola must face her past and the person she is now.

How will the secrets she has kept from her family and the memories she has kept from herself impact on her life now and will she regret this 'trip of a lifetime'.

Back home in South Australia the family members they have left behind face their own dramas and there is all the excitement and drama of the soon to be filming series featuring some international stars.

McInerney has also written other books centred around the Quinlan family.

A really enjoyable read that makes me want to travel again. It was great to have the action centred in South Australia having lived there for 2 years. It's lovely to relive places you know through a book.

Details - Penguin Random House NZ, July 2017 RRP $37.00