My Wardrobe

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I'm Miriam, I'm 35 and I have 2 delicious boys and one awesome husband and you can find out more about me on the 'about' page.

What you really need to know is this: I haven't grown out of dressing up and I have neither  a designer body or budget but I'm not going to wait until I do - I'm going to have fun with my wardrobe now and I really hope you'll join me too!

So now you can find the linkies right here for Wardrobe Wednesday.

Every Wednesday,
Every Wardrobe Welcome.

So what is Wardrobe Wednesday?
It's a chance to take some time once a week to peel off the polar fleece trackies (I have a pair too!!) and put on something that gives you a chance to have a 'play' in your wardrobe, to make yourself feel pretty/ stylish/ like a woman or at least not slummy!

 It's a time to celebrate and hopefully to embrace your body however you find it - post baby, young or old your body is lovely and functional and precious and I want this place to be a place for you to see other women (ordinary, beautiful women) who don't live in designer homes on designer budgets with designer bodies.